Businesses & Corporate Reputation Management Services

Consumers have been massively empowered thanks to the internet and social media, and the times when they couldn’t do much to affect companies and corporations revenues are long gone.

Business reputation management (as well as corporate reputation management) or brand reputation has become a key business strategy most companies want, and in many cases, like yours may be, something they need because there’s negative information online, accessible to anyone that can do a simple Google search.

Now a days is not really about if it’s going to happen, it’s pretty much “when it’s going to happen”.

If your company has bad online reputation there are (or virtually will be) bad consequences like:

  • Losing clients or customer or losing market share.
  • Not being able to generate new clients or customers.
  • Going bankrupt.
  • Not being able to do business with other businesses.
  • Losing big deals after the due diligence have been done.
  • Not be able to sell the company.

It’s not fun and in most cases very stressful – we get contacted a lot about this issue, and we know how it feels to be in that position (your position?).

The best thing to do?

Get rid of the problem, as fast as possible.

It doesn’t matter if it was an angry ex-employee, if your competition is trying to play dirty, if the company made a mistake, if it’s fake news, if you went through a lawsuit, or if someone has a specific “agenda” and it’s trying to drag you into the ground.

You need to take care of the problem or the consequences could be bad.

There are other companies out there that can help you. Some of them are using automation, some of them are using software and some other are using traditional methods.

What we do much more than just “content marketing”. We create a real digital footprint for your business to protect you in the present situation you may be, and in future situations that may come. Our business strategy gets you published in well known leading websites with positive or neutral content, develop assets, inter-link one with each other, thanks to our social media, media relations and public relations. And a couple of other “secret sauce” methods we’ve develop for brand reputation.

There are two potential outcomes our clients and leading companies usually want to achieve:

Deindex or delete results from Google itself so when someone searches for your company, the pages that have negative information about your business don’t appear in search results

Bury negative results to the third or 6th page of the search results so when someone searches for the terms your company is showing up now negatively, it’s very difficult to actually find it.

There’s actually a third one that is a combination of the two that sometimes also happens but these are the two main issues we encounter businesses want solutions for.

And of course we can take care of them with the utmost quality and professionalism, in fact we’re so confident that we guarantee results.

That’s how powerful the systems and processes we’ve developed are, and how strong the connections we’ve establish with industry leading publications, public relations, media relations and leading companies are. We are extremely confident about the the results we can achieve for you and your company or organization.

If you’re a C-level executive trying to find a solution for the company you work for, that means we’ll make you look good to the senior executives after we’ve cleaned up the mess.

So what now?

Get in touch with us to discuss your situation and find the best solution for your specific case.