If you are an actor, the internet will always be talking about you. Every move you make, every statement you say, every comment you write and every social media update you post are all subject to the public’s ever criticizing eyes. It almost looks like they’re always trying to find issues, mistakes or misfortunes, always watching, and always waiting for you to make a mistake.

You may have heard you can prevent that, all you have to do is to act decently and always be mindful of your actions. Always be careful with your words and about what you post online.

And then you’ll be fine, right?


No matter how good your actions are, how good your personality is, and how hard you try to maintain a positive image, people, especially your detractors, will always try to find something in what you do, something about your life, friends, relatives, relationships, etc… and they almost always succeed.

The worse?

Some of them may even make up lies and rumors just to ruin your personal reputation or just because they thought it is “fun” – you know like all these viral fake news sites that sometimes get picked up by real news sites.

Disgusting isn’t it?

By having an understanding of how reputation management for actors works, you can work towards preventing having a bad online reputation, even if you’ve made some mistake like the rest of the humans made (although the rest are not under the scrutiny of the press and everyone else).

Maintaining a Good Online Reputation Through Social Media

There are several ways to maintain a good online reputation. As an actor, one of the most important and most popular ways of doing it is by creating a strong social media presence.

All you have to do is to keep your social media profile up to date and post updates on a regular basis.

Gossips, discussions, news, controversies, reviews‒almost everything about actors circulate through social media. You need to be regularly present on multiple social media sites to ensure that you (or your team) can respond and be aware to any negative content that may suddenly pop out – be strategic about it is key.

Lies and rumors plague these platforms and it is important to be aware of them to act intelligently about it. They could be like viruses. If untreated they could create significant damage.

If you don’t know what websites you should sign up for, the most popular and most important sites at the time of this writing are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. It is recommended to have accounts on these sites at the very least.

Verifying your social media accounts is a must. This will allow you to easily shut down any negative posts or comments about you by responding to them using your verified account. Keep in mind, however, to not let negative emotions affect what you write in your responses. Always maintain a calm attitude replying to anything online – sometimes this means waiting a couple of hours and taking a couple of good deep breaths. Remember, you are building a good online reputation, so keep the charm!

Preventing impostors is another benefit of a verified account. Impostors can steal your identity and use it to gain profit or to damage or even end your career. They usually conduct fraud by using your name.

Some of them also post lies and scandals to ruin your image. With a verified account, unofficial and impostor accounts lose their credibility and will pose a lesser risk, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore them.

Always keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t post bad content about you. People believe almost anything from the internet, even from unofficial sources.

You can report impostor accounts but unofficial accounts are a different story. They can be considered as a fan account and they can’t be banned unless they violate the terms and conditions of the social media site they’re in.

But having a social media account alone is not enough. You have to be active, always be present. Take Ryan Reynolds’ Facebook account as an example.

The Importance of a Personal Website

Nothing beats having a personal website. In fact, everyone should consider having one. It works great as a portfolio. You can showcase your awards and achievements, create a blog, write about your latest projects, share your thoughtful opinions about specific topics, or even write about your side projects to help you gain more clients for them!

Producers, directors, etc., often google actors before making castings and other tough decisions (Unless you’re Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence). When someone googles you, if you have a website, it will almost always show up on the first page of Google as the first result along with your social media accounts and news about you. However, to ensure that your site always appears on top of search results, you need to optimize and update it on a regular basis – blogging is an excellent way of doing that.

Speaking of blogging, it is an effective tool to talk about any negative content that may show up about you. Posts, videos, news, and articles attacking you can easily be dealt with by writing a counter blog post. A response to a negative content coming from the official site of an actor has a powerful effect. People will dismiss the negative content as a rumor or as an attempt to ruin the actor’s career.

Finally, blogging and social media work well together. You can link to your website from your social media account and vice versa, intensifying their authenticity. In addition to that, you can update your social media accounts by posting links from your latest blog posts on a regular basis.

Consider Hiring an ORM Firm

As an actor, you’ll have less time to devote to maintaining your online reputation as your career grows and you become a celebrity. In this case, you’ll want to hire an ORM (online reputation management) firm. Most ORM firms offer the following services:

  • Monitors the internet for any negative write-ups and discussions about you
  • Removes negative contents
  • Website and social media account management
  • Website SEO
  • Crisis management
  • Investigations
  • Burying negative results in search engines

ORM firms will do most of the heavy lifting for you, but when it comes to social media updates, it’s still recommended to do it personally. As an actor, people will want updates from the real you and you also want to connect with your fans and followers. Doing this will greatly enhance your online reputation and help you increase your popularity.